Bridal Make-Up TipsWedding days come once in our lifetime and it is a day we fantasize about all our lives. It’s that very special day when we want each and everything to be perfect. But striving for perfection sometimes stresses women. Here are some simple bridal make-up tips that can help make any bride less anxious

1. Don’t let your lipstick stain
To keep your lipstick from staining your teeth put a finger in your mouth and close your lips. Pull out the finger; this will take out all excess lip colour.

2. Make lips appear fuller Are your lips thin?
Here’s a way to make them appear fuller. Take a skin-coloured lip-liner and extend the natural lip line. But remember less is more so do not overdo it. To make your lips look fuller pat a little bit of shimmer at the centre of the lower lip. This creates the illusion of a fuller lip.

3. Applying eyeliner
Apply you eyeliner while looking down into the mirror. It will give you a better grip and you will be able to draw neat straight lines.

4. Make lashes appear fuller
Need to make your lashes appear fuller? Apply a bit of powder on the lashes with your eyes closed and then apply mascara.

5. Keep eye make-up in place
To keep your eye make-up in place, sweep a bit of translucent powder over it and under the eyes. This prevents the meltdown and raccoon eyes.

6. Shading the brows
Do not use black to fill in the brows. Use a brown shade or a taupe shade to fill up the brows. The best way to get a natural looking brow is to use powder instead of pencils.

7. Fake Eyelashes
Want some fake lashes? Use only if you are comfortable using them. Also use a glue that becomes translucent when dry.

8. Plucking eyebrows
Pluck your brows at least two days before the wedding. Prevent bumps caused due to plucking by using a cotton ball dipped in astringent to wipe the area.